The Different Type of Neck Massager: Choose The Best One

Neck massager is a device which relieves neck pain. They manufacture it with a design that simulates professional massages, and its primary function is to relax muscles, eliminate knots and twists that can occur in the neck. Here we present the type of neck massager and the advantages of using it.

Buying the neck massager can offer you specific advantages and benefits. First of all, having this type of neck massager at home can provide you with many comforts and save you the money of a professional’s consultation even if it is not incompatible. In fact, the two actions should be carried out. But as we mentioned would be an essential saving not to have to go to the specialist so many times.

Different Type of Neck Massager

Type of Neck Massager:

Before buying the shoulder and neck massager for neck pain, you should know which neck massager is best. There are several types of neck massager and models. Most work through infrared systems and percussion.

Handheld Massager:

They are the smallest and manual. You can handle it with one hand. You can use it to give yourself a self-massage or also ask someone to handle the neck massager for you. They are usually the most economical in the market and usually work with the battery. So, you do not have to be necessarily next to a plug to use it. You can find this type of percussion massagers with different shapes and sizes.

Electric Pillow Massager:

They can have a U shape but also a pillow shape. It is also ideal to improve blood circulation. The massage units placed on one of the surfaces and should place well on the cervical and neck. Some models offer different types of massage and pressure. They usually have two heads that rotate in the treated area.

We recommend the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK model. It is a perfect pillow to relax your neck and eliminate pain. The pillow covers the entire neck but has a very light design that makes it very versatile and portable. It offers two different modes of heat and without heat. It works by battery and also has one more. You can replace it if it runs out in a place where you cannot recharge it. The only negative point is that it is a somewhat noisy device.

Type of Neck Massager

Shiatsu Massager:

Shiatsu type neck massages are those that mimic the movements of the typical Japanese massage where you can use the thumbs, elbows, and feet. There are several models from the handheld type that works by infrared lights. With vibratory movements, you can calm the neck pain and improve blood circulation. They have very affordable prices.

Manual Massager:

Within this typology, we also recommend manual neck massagers. For example, we mentioned the Happy Massager model that you can also use for any other part of the body. They are made of wood and have a straightforward design that helps their use is easy. But besides being one of the cheapest neck massagers to work manually will not waste energy either. You can take it anywhere because it weighs little and has a few dimensions. They are usually very durable massagers. You can replace the broken piece easily.

Shawl Shaped Massager:

They are automatic devices that overlap in the area to be treated. In this case the neck. They are manufactured with solid materials and have a series of units that vibrate through the energy they receive from the battery. They also serve to promote heat in the area. You can place it at home or in the office while you continue to perform your tasks. One of the best-known and best-known brands is Brookstone’s iNeed. They are shawl shaped massagers that are placed on the neck and shoulders. It offers different modalities from superficial massages to deeper ones with programs that last about 6 minutes.

Chair Massager:

You can also find the popular chair type massagers all in one. They are the more expensive electric type of neck massager that has a different level of pressure and offer several massage techniques. They are usually devices designed to be used not only in the neck but also in other areas such as the back. You can easily attach them to a chair or on the bed or sofa.


It is essential to all know the type of neck massager. You could always have at hand a system that could relieve your neck when you need it. Without having to wait for a business day to make an appointment. Nor will you have to wait for a relative or friend to be willing to give you a neck massage.

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