Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow Review

If you are a hard working person and works all day long, then there is a severe possibility of getting stressed. Most importantly, to melt away all your stress in leisure Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat is the best pillow choice for you. Firstly, this versatile Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage pillow has exclusively design that making you feel free from all stress from your hard working day.

This massage pillow is known as the best pillow which is extremely well designed for massaging acupuncture points of the neck. It contains automatic functions which are also manually controllable. Additionally, in this pillow, there are 8 deep kneading massage pillow-heads which are the best for soothing and invigorate for the sore muscles.

For whom is this Neck Massger?

Nekteck Shiatsu deep kneading pillow has ultra-soft fabric. This ultra-soft fabric ensures the smooth surface of the pillow. This product also comes with a remote control system with easy operating. Most importantly, this pillow is one of the best pillows which is really effective for your health. There are various types of the pillow which have different features they provide.

Although, the nekteck shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow is the most affordable and most featured pillow in its price range. It has a portable DC power system that makes it usable at any place you please. We are giving Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Massage Pillow with Heat Review below.

Actually, a pillow is a common product that we use in our daily life. But in this Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat, Car/Office Chair Massager, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Waist Massager Pillow has some special features that are useful for some specific users. They may find this pillow beneficial. Here is the list of it:

  • Office workers who work all day sitting and doing lots of paper works.
  • Old people who need this most importantly.
  • Drivers who go for long drives most often.
  • Those who are suffering from back pain or neck pain.

Product Specification

  • Built in heating function.
  • Soft 8 massage heads with springy attachment.
  • Built-in prevention system for overheating.
  • Automatic timer after each cycle (10 minutes).
  • 12V DC safe power supply.
  • Exclusively designed for massaging at neck.
  • Easily moveable and easy control system.
  • One power adapter for AC supply.
  • Car adapter for using in car.
  • Dimension: 15 x 8 x 7 inches.
  • Weight: 3 pounds.

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Features Of Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massager

Nekteck is one of the best pillow manufacturer those who offers various kinds of features. Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massager has many cool features which make it the neck and shoulder massager. See important features and benefits in below:

8 Massage-head Combo

Firstly, Nekteck comes with a combination of 8 deep kneading shiatsu pillow heads are manufactured with very high-quality fabric. Its ultra-soft fabric makes it smooth and comfortable for any users. The pillow is springy that makes it the master of relieving the tense muscles. This massage pillow of nekteck is high. It is black colored, and we can easily use it in any space in your body (like shoulder, neck, waist or in the thigh). So, those who are suffering from various pain in the neck or the waist or the shoulder, they can get benefit using the nekteck shiatsu massage pillow.

Exclusive Design

Secondly, The Nekteck Shiatsu Pillow with Heat, Car/Office Chair Massager, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Waist Massager Pillow has a comfortable size. Its length is 15 inches; width is 8 inches and height is 7 inches. It has become one of the best pillows because of its exclusive design. Additionally, it has specially designed for acupuncture points of neck and shoulders.

Furthermore, this pillow provides the user the maximum pleasure with its ultra-soft fabrics. This nekteck shiatsu deep massage pillow is not only attractively designed but also usefully serve their users.

Built-in Systems

Moreover, in terms of massage pillow, the nekteck massage pillow is very well known because of the positive feedback if their users. It has various kinds of built-in systems and easy control settings that made this pillow one of the best in the market. The shiatsu deep massage pillow has two major built-in systems that makes it very much useful.

This pillow has a built-in heating system which makes sure the comfort of the user. But overheating is not preferred. That’s why the massage pillow also has the built-in overheating prevention system in it. The heating function of this pillow is to further massage fatigued that helps to reduce stress. Besides, the overheating prevention system makes it safe to use. These built-in systems made the attractive massage pillow very much effective for those who actually need this.

Safe Power Supply

As this deep kneading massage pillow has heating and heat control system that makes clear the use of electricity in this pillow. To use such product, you must assure that it is safe to use. This massage pillow comes with 12 volt DC power supply which is extremely secured. Moreover, the massage pillow has control in its power system of heating. You can use it in cars with an adapter. This makes sure the security of the user. Thus this safety makes the Nekteck Shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow one of the best pillow.

Direction and Speed Control

Especially, in this massage pillow, there are three custom modes to control the speed of the massage head. This function offers you a customized massage experience for the deep tissue of your stressed muscle. In this massage pillow, there is an option for clockwise rotation and counter-clockwise rotation of the pillow head. This bi-directional movement makes sure of the control of mimic the motion in-person massage experience. The rotation ensures that the user is receiving the best massage from the pillow.

Portable Usage

Finally, this shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow is not only for using in the home but also useable at office or car. To use one pillow in different places portability is the thing you should think about. But this massage pillow has an attractive size that weighs 3 pounds only which make it portable. Additionally, this pillow provides the user with 6.6 feet AC power adapter for a car which is FREE.

  • Versatile and quality design.
  • Can massage a specific target area of body.
  • Kills the stress of the muscles.
  • Easy operating system.
  • Automatic power down system.
  • Automatic directional transfer.
  • Designed for acupunctural treatment of the sore muscle.
  • Connectors may seem loose but you can fix this by connecting little further with force.
  • May seem painful firstly but you can avoid it by using a towel between body and massager.

Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question-1: Can it be used to massage neck and shoulder at the same time?
Answer: if you use it in angle, you will get massage both on your neck and shoulder.

Question-2: Is it useful for upper shoulder pain?
Answer: Yes it is. It has worked on my shoulder wonderfully.

Question-3: Does it comes with Warranty?
Answer: Yes, it provides 60 days warranty.

Question-4: Can I lay on it on my lower back?
Answer: I do not think that would be comfortable because it is designed for some particular parts of the body.

Question-5: Does it really provide the quality pillow features?
Answer: Yes, this has 8 deep kneading massage pillow heads.

Question-6: Is there any option for turning off the heat?
Answer: Yes, you can turn off the heat when you wish.

Final Verdict

Eventually, a pillow can work as a magic when you are under lots of stress. These features are not only attractive but also beneficial for the user him/herself. Nekteck shiatsu deep kneading pillow makes sure the safety of the user. As the pillow has DC power supply and AC adapter for cars, this maintains the security of the user. Most importantly, this massage pillow has customized user functions that are healthy and helpful for the stressed muscle. Its extreme design makes it special for acupuncture points of the neck. Product warranty is also a plus point of this pillow. Though, there are various cheap pillows which are not useful for health.

Those cheap pillows never help to fade away your stress. Moreover, they will create pain in your body when you use it. But the ultra-soft fabric of Nekteck shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow makes sure the smoothness of the pillow. Its heating and overheating control system help the pillow to melt all your stress away. If you are looking for a pillow that can help you to massage in many places of your body, then this is the one you should go for.

Finally, if our review helps you to find all the details of the pillow you are looking for, then you must get the Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Massage Pillow with Heat now.

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