FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat Review

The FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is a great solution if you are suffering from aches and pains in your neck or back parts. In this addition, those persons who had to spend all day in front of a computer screen they badly need this special kind of body massager. When the numbers of these people are adding, more people are participating in this exercise. Sometimes it also happens due to lying or sleeping incorrectly in a bed or on, a couch neck pain increases both for men and for women of all ages.

This Massager is a quite common problem in our day-to-day life. Or else this may also be due to a chronic condition or serious injury you might suffer. All these problems have an easy solution of using a neck and back massager instead of taking medication. In some medicine, there are pretty terrible side effects which will you never expect. So it would be great if you take a neck massager to relieve your pain in the comfort of your own home.

About FIVE S Shiatsu Massager

There are many real users who reviewed they have been suffering from headaches and neck pain. Once they start using this, their pain lessens a good way. Moreover, it is strong enough to get a deep tissue rub, especially on your sore spots. If you want to use FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager for your neck, the result is also effective. Rub it on the sore areas around your neck, shoulders, etc. Otherwise, put this on your lower back when you are sitting on the couch. There are two massage options in it. Though one is a little bit slower than another is, yet it gave a deep massage feeling.

Well, for targeting all the levels of your neck and back that get tight after a stressful workday use it without a second thought. In this regard, you will not only easily adjust the position of the rollers but also can adjust the intensity of the massage in your accords. This depends on how much pressure you are applying using the handles. After this, there is a heat option here. Don’t worry at all. It will not get super hot and burn your device. The result of the addition of the heating element is like icing on the cake.

Top Features (At a glance)Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

  • The device operates with one button to turn the heat on or off.
  • It features eight kneading rollers for soothing heat.
  • An automatic shutdown system comes to shut down after 10 minutes.
  • It is lightweight to carry anywhere.
  • It has both AC adapter and car adapter for car, office, and home.
  • Contain two massage directions. Forthwith you can change the direction of rotation with one button.

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Benefits of FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

You should check properly before buying any product. It matters a lot what you are getting from the product. A product could be good for others but not necessary it will be same for you. So before buying, let’s see what are the main features of this:

Easy to Use

The Five Star massager is easy to use. With this in mind, it comes with an in-car charger that is very much supportive of giving yourself a soothing. In this term, it could be rewarding once over before you leave for work. Even when you set off for the comfort of home after a demanding day, you will feel revived with this.

Feature 2 Massage Direction

The FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is capable of massaging in two directions if needed. Just a simple one-button switch you can choose the one is necessary for you. The way any high-end massager gives you the benefit of massaging waist, limbs, and shoulders and back you will get the same comfort in your back here. Because the pressure can be as soft or deep as you can want it depending on how you put position it. You will be glad to see its rotating balls. Because of the rotating balls are different sizes, so it feels more human that way. Besides, it has not a distracting noise level at all.

Get Relief after a Long Tiring Day

For user’s maintenance, it has a rechargeable battery instead of plugging in. Though it doesn’t keep charged for a long time yet the power it reserves is a fact of satisfaction. With this intention, the manufacturer provides the straps that well built. The straps will let you walk it up and down your back to work just the spot you need, isn’t it a plus point for you?

Incorporate with One Button Turn On/Off

The FIVE S Shiatsu Back Massager incorporates a button that used to turn on or off the heat. Another button it has used for changing the massager rotation direction. No doubt, in such ways this massager will work best as pain and stress reliever for your neck, shoulder, arms, waist, feet, back, legs and your whole body.

Automatic Shut off Option

In this addition, it designed to shut off in ten minutes to save power. By pushing its power button, you can start it again. For safety, it is advisable not to use this massager more than thirty minutes. If you want to talk about the construction, it is excellent. Don’t forget to use it when you are back home after a long tiring day, or you feel problems related to specific parts of your body.

Portable to Use

The FIVE S Shiatsu Back Massageryou are buying let me tell you it has a portable rechargeable battery along with AC and car adapter. In the term of you are staying outside, office, car or at home, you can use this device anywhere. That you are paying for this, so the finest kneading massage allows you to relax your muscles on back, shoulder and neck areas. As well as it will provide you great relief from your busy schedule.

It is Compact in Size

You will like the size of the device for sure. In particular, it measures 22 x 7 x 20 inches that are convenient to carry it anywhere with you. The storage capacity is also great and guaranteed. Next, the thing you will appreciate about its 30 days refunds without reasons asked. Tell me, isn’t it a crazy thing to try? I think, yeah, you are as curious as get this amazing opportunity. Therefore, the model features three years factory warranty for defective parts. Just let them know, your hard earned money will be definitely worth.

  • Offering two massage directions that really prove its great efficiency.
  • It is excellent for the portable charger of the car.
  • It contains easy maintenance and operation facility.
  • It’s heating operation is just right.
  • Easy to use controls, integrated into the unit.
  • Nonetheless, it is strong enough to relieve sore spots.
  • Offer you a limited 3 years warranty.
  • A few customers claimed the rollers made an annoying sound at times.
  • You might not like the abrasive cover, but it will not be good for using on bare skin.

Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Can I lay on the couch or bed while using this?
Answer: Yes, you can lay on it, stand on it, and attach it to your car seat or whatever.

Question: Can I use this Neck Massager while using a massage chair that does not get up to the neck?
Answer: Yes, you can. This will not be any problem and fits in many positions.

Question: Does it provide a kneading massage or a vibrating massage?
Answer: It provides a kneading massage with three rollers, a wonderful kneading massager.

Question: Is it good on your lower back? How is it when you use it driving?
Answer: So far, it is as good as on lower back. If you get it just right in a chair its good on the lower back.

Final Verdict

Nonetheless, the massager works best especially for people who have a chronic neck pain. Besides, it feels perfect to use during long trips. At times when your husband, wife, friend or father is driving that time, you can go for the backseat and give yourself a good massage. For this reason, FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager worth the money you’re paying for. In a word, the device features all you need for relaxing after a hard working day. All the gorgeous features are effective in relieving pains and pressure positions. Highly recommend!

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